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Socks are important wear just like any other piece of cloth. Socks do not only provide one with warmth but also protect the feet from friction caused by shoes. Of the essence to note is that socks though mainly worn by men are also used by women. They also come in different sizes, designs and colors. There are also various types of socks. In other words, different socks are used for different activities as it will be discussed below. 


One common type of socks is walking socks. These types of socks are mainly made of a tough fabric that helps protect the feet from the friction of the shoes. In most cases, also, they do have moisture- absorbing qualities or materials that help reduce or protect formation of moisture. Moisture may cause infections such as athletes foot thus it is always important to ensure that one's feet are dry while wearing socks. 


Another type of socks is running or athletic socks. Running socks are kept at the length of the ankle. They are also available in different thickness. The choice of thickness, however, depends on the runner's preference. For instance, runners that run on hard surfaces may prefer socks with little cushioning so as to minimize friction that comes with running along the hard surfaces. 

Hiking socks is also another common type. 


Many times people refer wearing boots while hiking. Hiking socks thus provide the desired comfort, warmth and support for hikers. For this reason, hiking socks are equipped with extra pads at the ball of the feet and on the heels. The socks are thus usually thick. Nonetheless, the thickness may also be determined by a person's volume of the feet. 


Some people also prefer using toe socks while indoors or outdoors. Toe socks are used with open toed shoes. The socks are designed such that each toe is enclosed individually by the sock. Toe socks, however, do not have a definite height or thickness hence they have different heights, thickness and designs. 


The best thing about toe socks is that their varied designs fit different occasion. There are such heights as; tab height, low, knee high, crew and quarter.  

Mountaineering socks are also very common in the market. Usually, they are very thick and have extra padding at the balls of the feet and on the heels. These are worn with boots specifically used for mountaineering. 


In essence, there are different types of socks as outlined above. The choice of either, therefore, depends on the activity or occasion that one is attending. All in all, it is important to ensure that whatever type of socks chosen it good enough to protect ones feet from any harm. Keep these in mind mind when looking for the best running socks out there.